Thirsty? Need beer for later? They don’t have to be two different things.

We’re not a bar, we’re not a retail shop. We’re both.

Think of us like a beer cafe. A place where you can grab a drink and chill with friends, play a few games and relax on the patio, or cozy up inside. When you’re done, snag a few beers to enjoy at home and let the good times continue their proverbial roll.

Lewiston’s Specialty Craft Beer Shop

Brewed And Bottled offers a unique selection of craft bottles and cans available to go, with a rotating draft selection to enjoy in-store. Grab a pint while you shop? Yes you can.

Our goal is to offer something for everyone: from the casual beer drinker to the seasoned craft enthusiast. We’re stoked to be a part of our customers’ journey into the world of craft beer, and our knowledgeable, passionate staff is just itching to help you discover something worth toasting.  After all, we’re beer drinkers just like you!


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