About The Shop

First time in? We’ll give you the rundown of how everything works. But if you want to walk in looking like a real pro, here are the house rules:

wheatAll of our packaged beer is available to go in singles or packs. You don’t have to get 6 singles to make a pack, either. Grab yourself an empty pack (or case) from our stash on the floor and fill that sucker up with however many bottles or cans you want. 3 is fine, 19 is also fine. You get it.

wheatWe have 10 draft lines from which delicious beer flows at all times. We’ve got tasters (no need to purchase a flight, you can get just one) and full pours for your enjoyment on-site.

wheatWant to take something off our draft list home with you? All beers on tap are available to go in our 32oz crowler cans. Price of the can is included in the fill. Prefer glass? We also fill growlers – but you have to bring your own.

wheatAll 32oz and 64oz fills are to-go only.

wheatDon’t see anything on tap that you like? Bummer. But good news, all of our to-go beer can be enjoyed at the shop! Just add $2 for all bottles/cans under $6 enjoyed on site. There is no fee for larger format bottles/cans opened and enjoyed in-house.

wheatYes, we have a bottle chiller. And we’d be happy to cool something down from you that’s on the shelf. BUT it takes some time to actually chill a room-temp beer, so please be patient with us. If you can’t possibly wait and want something right away (that’s not on tap) we have an awesome, huge, rotating selection of beers in the cooler and on special. Just ask!

wheatWe reserve the right to designate the aforementioned bottle chiller “out of commission” during peak times. Sorry. Don’t worry, there’s always cold beer on tap…

wheatBeer is awesome. Respect it, respect each other, have a good time.